Foot fungus or commonly known as athlete’s foot is the typical problem that most people experience especially the athletes. Others are incurable, but there are a variety of home remedies that can be done. But basically, you can avoid it as long as you don’t have it yet. Who would want to have an athlete’s foot, right? When you have a school project to be done in your friend’s house, you cannot take off your shoes because of your fear that they might know your dirty-little-secret. There are different probabilities that you’ll get infected with foot fungus or the athlete’s foot.

Here are the 5 Don’ts to Avoid Foot Fungus

Don’t walk in public areas. They might get infected with fungus.

Fungi are all around once they infect in a certain area. They proliferated and would increase in number in the area suitable for their growth. Once you visit places like locker rooms, shower, or swimming pool barefoot, fungi will love to live in your barefoot and create their colony there without you noticing it at first. So be careful where you walk your feet barely.

Don’t keep your feet wet for a long period.

Most students or office workers that require closed shoes usually directly put on socks after taking a bath without properly drying their feet. In this case, fungi will slowly grow and create their habitat in your feet. It would be better to dry your feet with a clean cloth before you wear your socks and shoes.

Don’t wear too tight or closed shoes.

This can suffocate your feet, unable to feel little air and later on, developing a foul smell especially if always done.

Don’t cover your sweaty feet.

Being so sweaty that is usually observed in your hands and feet is of no exemptions to the development of foot fungus. Most fungi can survive in wet and moist places. Since your feet are the busiest and changes cover from time to time, they’re a direct target of the fungi from the ground, from the floor, and from the inside of your shoes.

Don’t cover your skin or nail infections.

An open wound should always be left open to be exposed to oxygen in the environment and not to create a foul smell. Imagine your left-overs after dinner, placed in a container and is covered. Open it the next morning, can you explain how odd the smell would be? Never wear shoes if you have a skin infection on your feet or nail injury.

A lot of sandals are now on trends. Most are open and could set your feet free. Wear something comfortable to your feet. Don’t wear fashionable shoes that suffocates your feet. Avoid wearing a closed shoes if you have injuries on your feet. Always you’re your feet from any dirt. This is a part of your daily hygiene. Keep yourself clean from head to toe to avoid any skin problems like the foot fungus.

If you do get foot fungus, its treatment depends on the kind of fungus that you’ve acquired and how bad the condition is. You need to make an appointment with a dermatologist, a doctor specializing in the area of dermatology. They will be the one to determine what kind of treatment your current condition need such as a topical cream that is applied directly on the nail; topical nail lacquer; removing damaged area of the skin or nail, and a prescription pill with antifungal properties. If the condition is at alarming levels, the doctor will decide to have it removed through surgery.

After the treatment, you need to take care of your toes by using water and soap in washing your feet. Dry them well, even in between the toes. When you trim toenails, do it straight across so that you can keep them shorter at the toe’s end. The tools you use must also be clean. As much as possible, sterilize them. Wash the files and clippers with water and soap, then wipe it off using rubbing alcohol. You might want to cover up the discolored nails using a nail polish, but it is best not to. It will be difficult for the nail bed to “breathe,” thus keeping the fungus from leaving.

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