A dog is considered as the man’s best friend. Waking up for a morning jog, barking upon feeding, training some tricks, and much more- these are the usual routine of a dog with his master. But do all pet owners consider their dog as a very special buddy? Do they consider their dogs like humans that could feel hungry and thirsty? As the pet owner, it is your responsibility to put into considerations certain things like the food of your pet dog. This is to make sure that your pet is healthy. The food directly enters the stomach of your pet and gets digested. Whatever happens inside would greatly affect the entire system of your pet’s body.

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider “Food Allergy” In Feeding Your Pet Dog

Food is the third most common reason of dog allergies aside from flea bites and inhalant allergies. This is also one of the possible reasons of your dog’s sudden death when not given importance.

Food allergy contributes 20% of your dog’s itching and scratching. The itchiness can affect the ears, face, feet, and even areas around the anus. Symptoms also include hair loss and ear infections.

Whenever the food is eaten, the over-responsiveness of your pet’s immune system becomes greater. Other instances would lead to malnutrition and can affect the absorption of nutrients.

Various theories state that gastroenteritis in puppies can lead to the development of food allergies. The immune system will further mistakenly believe that a certain food is harmful to the body.

Most ingredients or foods that can cause allergies are the pork, chicken, fish, beef, rabbit, egg, and lamb, also includes dairy products.

These are just five of the easy things that you can do to take good care of your pet dog. Above all else, you should visit your veterinarian to guide your pet’s growth properly and to maintain its good health. Our pets are considered as another member of our family. Whatever will happen to them, we will have the same feeling as to if something will happen to our relatives. They’re also our responsibility. We should take care of them and wholeheartedly provide what they need. They’re every man’s best friend, so let us be every dog’s best buddies, too!

It does sound like choosing the right food to feed your dog is a complex one. Pet owners automatically buy dog food products already made by companies, since this is the easiest and most convenient way to think that you are feeding food to your dog that doesn’t cause them any allergy.

The first thing to do is to prioritize their nutritional needs. This is one of the biggest factors in quality and longevity of life. Also, not all delicious or best tasting food is nutritious for your dog. Such foods are usually sold for the satisfaction of emotional needs of a human more so than the dog. The best source of information on what kind of food your dog should eat is the vet, not the salesman that is trying to sell you dog food from their company.

When you choose a commercial dog food, you must do so carefully. Since most people do not have the time to properly prep an organic chicken, it is much more sensible to find a high-quality dog food that is preserved with natural preservatives such as the vitamin E.

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