Eleven organ systems in the human body work all together to normalize the function of the body. One of these organ systems is the circulatory system in which the main components are the heart, the blood vessels, and the blood. These organs work together and are part of maintaining a normal blood pressure to properly deliver oxygenated blood and nutrients to the different parts of the body. What is blood pressure? Blood pressure, as defined by User- friendly Science Dictionary (2008), is the pressure of the blood on the walls of blood vessels that varies with physical condition and age. In the larger blood vessels, the pressure is greater. It decreases once the blood reaches the capillaries.

It is good to maintain a normal blood pressure to have a healthy life. How to do that?

Here are 7 Tips to Achieve a Normal Blood Pressure:

No to smoking. If you do smoke, then quit! If you don’t, then don’t do it. It would be a great factor since the smoke will directly hit the lungs and the airways that involved in the breathing process. Lungs coordinate with the heart. The heart is the pumping organ and whatever happens to the lungs could happen to the heart and the blood that travels throughout the body.

Consume sufficient carbohydrates. Limit up to 50-55% from carbohydrates, 30-35% from complex carbohydrates, 10% from simple sugar, and less than 30% from fat. Too much of it can block the blood vessels, increasing the pressure, causes stress to the heart and may lead to an explosion of blood vessels.

Limit your sodium intake as advised by your physician. Avoid junk foods and processed foods. Check the label and the nutrient content of the food you buy before you eat it. Too much of it can cause kidney problems as well.

Have your cholesterol check regularly to have it monitored especially if you are into fatty foods. Avoid severely restrictive or fad diets.

Do physical activities like exercises and doing household chores. If you are an office worker, make sure to have time to exercise. There are a lot of videos online and even mobile applications designed for people like you.

Manage your diabetes with your health care provider. Reduce your sugar intake especially candies which are primarily carbohydrate and sugar-containing food. Too much sugar can cause coronary artery disease.

Have your blood pressure checked regularly. It’s good to properly monitor your BP (blood pressure) to check your body’s current activity inside.

Maintaining a normal blood pressure means a healthy heart and a healthy life. People are getting uneasy with the prevention and possible things that could help them minimize the possible occurrence of different disease. Fewer people are giving emphases on their health conditions and easily made life, disregarding their body needs- to be taken care of. Start your ways now on how to keep a normal blood pressure to maintain a healthy living and avoid the different diseases. Different ways can be done. These are just in addition to your choices. Remember, be healthy, and start your BP.
If some of these tips prove to be too hard for you, here are some alternatives that will help you get started.
This is the biggest challenge for habitual smokers since it will be difficult for them to quit right away. First, you identify what makes you want to smoke and take note of it. There are triggers as to why you want to smoke. You need to be committed to doing this, or it will affect your commitment. You can also try out a nicotine substitute smoking, but keep in mind that it will only be temporary.
Physical Activities
If you are not the physically active type and it is your first time getting into exercise to keep yourself healthy, you start by doing a 30 minute exercise. Doing a 30-minute exercise right away can be overwhelming for some people, so you can start first with 10 minutes and gradually increase them when you feel you want to do more. For others to achieve a 30-minute exercise within the day, they divide 30 minutes into 2 or 3 sessions – 10 minutes in the morning and another in the afternoon and evening. For 15 minutes, you can do two sessions each day.

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