4 Spiced Up Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

Doctor examining his patients wrist

When it comes to heart disease prevention, there are tons of advice saying that exercise, healthy diet, and stress management are the basic ways. However, doing them regularly can become dull and boring. If your health plan is not enjoyable anymore, most likely, regression happens. It is possible that you will return to your old ways before dieting and exercise because you find your health routine tiresome or unexciting. The following ways are the usual, but we are upgrading them so that your plan to (how to) prevent heart disease will stimulate you for a long time.
1. Dance to exercise
Think of exercise as any form of movement. You can walk around, run a mile, do household chores or push some heavy equipment. Now, if any form of movement is good as an exercise than, dancing is enough to burn all those calories. You can modify your exercise routine and make it more dance. How about doing some Zumba, belly dancing, or hip-hop exercise to keep your heart healthy? Healthline.com says that the American Heart Association recommends thirty minutes of daily exercise will help prevent heart disease. You can even break them to sets of 10 minutes within your schedule. As long as you move or dance, you are helping your heart. If you can upgrade you’re 10-minute exercise, you can add another 10 minutes and another 10, which totals 30 minutes. You don’t have to do 30 minutes at once. You can do a 10-minute dance in the morning, another in the afternoon and one for the evening. This will keep your heart happy.
2. Flavorful eating plan
Experts constantly advise on eating your vegetables and fruits to be healthy. However, eating the greens all day can become traumatic (even for adults). So, how can you stick to your diet while having fun? Include all the tastes to your program. If you want some sweetness, use honey. If you want some saltiness, add a pinch of sea salt to your meal. If you want chocolate, go for 70% dark or use the dark chocolate chip to your mix. If you want dessert, choose fresh fruits or unsweetened dried fruits in your dessert recipe. If you want a salad, add sliced fresh fruits, nuts, and sea salt to it. Make your meals colorful and flavorful so that, eating healthy will be fun and motivating for you.

While this can add fun to your every meal, moderation is key. The reason why some people fail at their diet is that they think more will make it better. Make sure that you have a sound diet plan that will help your body consume the essential minerals and vitamins it needs. The most effective way to plan a healthy and balanced diet, especially one that prevents heart disease is by letting a nutritionist plan the meal for you. Unlike the diet plan that many diet programs tend to promote, you still get to eat delicious, flavorful meals, but this time they are to be eaten in portions.
3. De-stress through making your hobby fun
In Psychology, one of the defense mechanisms is sublimation. Sublimation is letting loose your negative emotions in a creative way. So, if you’re stressed, aside from the usual breathing exercises (which are still highly recommended), relieve it by listening to a variety of music, making a scrapbook journal, writing your thoughts using different colors, painting using any style or design you like, or playing an instrument with any melody or arrangement you want. You can think of different strategies to make your hobby more exciting for you. This way, you forget your stress because you are already enjoying an activity you like. The key here is something that will keep you happy while you are doing something.
4. Zest your water
Drinking glasses of water every day is one of the best ways to detoxify. However, there are times when we just like to skip the water because it does not have any taste. Thus, we opt for juices, coffee, or smoothies even if these beverages provide high calories because of artificial flavors or caloric ingredients. However, thanks to nature, you can add zest to your water. Detoxify by adding sliced lemon, cucumber, and oranges to your water. Cleansing your body by drinking water with slices of citrus ingredients will surely keep your body healthy and help prevent heart disease.
Some people find it better to drink lukewarm water than cold water if they are drinking for therapy. It can be difficult to drink down cold water when you are no longer thirsty, which is why lukewarm water is easy to swallow.

Having a health plan is good for your body. However, sticking to it can be grueling sometimes because we forget to add fun to it. Keep yourself motivated and follow these ways on (how to) prevent heart diseases. Be creative to keep yourself healthy.