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Your physical health is not something that you should take lightly. You need to start living a healthier lifestyle in the present if you want to lead a longer and more fulfilling life. And if you do want to live a healthier lifestyle, then there are a few things that you can do.

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Posted on January 12, 2018

Foot fungus or commonly known as athlete’s foot is the typical problem that most people experience especially the athletes. Others are incurable, but there are a variety of home remedies that can be done. But basically, you can avoid it as long as you don’t have it yet. Who would want to have an athlete’s foot, right? When you have a school project to be done in your friend’s house, you cannot take off your shoes because of your fear that they might know your dirty-little-secret. There are different probabilities that you’ll get infected with foot fungus or the athlete’s foot.

Here are the 5 Don’ts to Avoid Foot Fungus

Don’t walk in public areas. They might get infected with fungus.

Fungi are all around once they infect in a certain area. They proliferated and would increase in number in the area suitable for their growth. Once you visit places like locker rooms, shower, or swimming pool barefoot, fungi will love to live in your barefoot and create their colony there without you noticing it at first. So be careful where you walk your feet barely.

Don’t keep your feet wet for a long period.

Most students or office workers that require closed shoes usually directly put on socks after taking a bath without properly drying their feet. In this case, fungi will slowly grow and create their habitat in your feet. It would be better to dry your feet with a clean cloth before you wear your socks and shoes.

Don’t wear too tight or closed shoes.

This can suffocate your feet, unable to feel little air and later on, developing a foul smell especially if always done.

Don’t cover your sweaty feet.

Being so sweaty that is usually observed in your hands and feet is of no exemptions to the development of foot fungus. Most fungi can survive in wet and moist places. Since your feet are the busiest and changes cover from time to time, they’re a direct target of the fungi from the ground, from the floor, and from the inside of your shoes.

Don’t cover your skin or nail infections.

An open wound should always be left open to be exposed to oxygen in the environment and not to create a foul smell. Imagine your left-overs after dinner, placed in a container and is covered. Open it the next morning, can you explain how odd the smell would be? Never wear shoes if you have a skin infection on your feet or nail injury.

A lot of sandals are now on trends. Most are open and could set your feet free. Wear something comfortable to your feet. Don’t wear fashionable shoes that suffocates your feet. Avoid wearing a closed shoes if you have injuries on your feet. Always you’re your feet from any dirt. This is a part of your daily hygiene. Keep yourself clean from head to toe to avoid any skin problems like the foot fungus.

If you do get foot fungus, its treatment depends on the kind of fungus that you’ve acquired and how bad the condition is. You need to make an appointment with a dermatologist, a doctor specializing in the area of dermatology. They will be the one to determine what kind of treatment your current condition need such as a topical cream that is applied directly on the nail; topical nail lacquer; removing damaged area of the skin or nail, and a prescription pill with antifungal properties. If the condition is at alarming levels, the doctor will decide to have it removed through surgery.

After the treatment, you need to take care of your toes by using water and soap in washing your feet. Dry them well, even in between the toes. When you trim toenails, do it straight across so that you can keep them shorter at the toe’s end. The tools you use must also be clean. As much as possible, sterilize them. Wash the files and clippers with water and soap, then wipe it off using rubbing alcohol. You might want to cover up the discolored nails using a nail polish, but it is best not to. It will be difficult for the nail bed to “breathe,” thus keeping the fungus from leaving.


Posted on January 4, 2018

Eleven organ systems in the human body work all together to normalize the function of the body. One of these organ systems is the circulatory system in which the main components are the heart, the blood vessels, and the blood. These organs work together and are part of maintaining a normal blood pressure to properly deliver oxygenated blood and nutrients to the different parts of the body. What is blood pressure? Blood pressure, as defined by User- friendly Science Dictionary (2008), is the pressure of the blood on the walls of blood vessels that varies with physical condition and age. In the larger blood vessels, the pressure is greater. It decreases once the blood reaches the capillaries.

It is good to maintain a normal blood pressure to have a healthy life. How to do that?

Here are 7 Tips to Achieve a Normal Blood Pressure:

No to smoking. If you do smoke, then quit! If you don’t, then don’t do it. It would be a great factor since the smoke will directly hit the lungs and the airways that involved in the breathing process. Lungs coordinate with the heart. The heart is the pumping organ and whatever happens to the lungs could happen to the heart and the blood that travels throughout the body.

Consume sufficient carbohydrates. Limit up to 50-55% from carbohydrates, 30-35% from complex carbohydrates, 10% from simple sugar, and less than 30% from fat. Too much of it can block the blood vessels, increasing the pressure, causes stress to the heart and may lead to an explosion of blood vessels.

Limit your sodium intake as advised by your physician. Avoid junk foods and processed foods. Check the label and the nutrient content of the food you buy before you eat it. Too much of it can cause kidney problems as well.

Have your cholesterol check regularly to have it monitored especially if you are into fatty foods. Avoid severely restrictive or fad diets.

Do physical activities like exercises and doing household chores. If you are an office worker, make sure to have time to exercise. There are a lot of videos online and even mobile applications designed for people like you.

Manage your diabetes with your health care provider. Reduce your sugar intake especially candies which are primarily carbohydrate and sugar-containing food. Too much sugar can cause coronary artery disease.

Have your blood pressure checked regularly. It’s good to properly monitor your BP (blood pressure) to check your body’s current activity inside.

Maintaining a normal blood pressure means a healthy heart and a healthy life. People are getting uneasy with the prevention and possible things that could help them minimize the possible occurrence of different disease. Fewer people are giving emphases on their health conditions and easily made life, disregarding their body needs- to be taken care of. Start your ways now on how to keep a normal blood pressure to maintain a healthy living and avoid the different diseases. Different ways can be done. These are just in addition to your choices. Remember, be healthy, and start your BP.
If some of these tips prove to be too hard for you, here are some alternatives that will help you get started.
This is the biggest challenge for habitual smokers since it will be difficult for them to quit right away. First, you identify what makes you want to smoke and take note of it. There are triggers as to why you want to smoke. You need to be committed to doing this, or it will affect your commitment. You can also try out a nicotine substitute smoking, but keep in mind that it will only be temporary.
Physical Activities
If you are not the physically active type and it is your first time getting into exercise to keep yourself healthy, you start by doing a 30 minute exercise. Doing a 30-minute exercise right away can be overwhelming for some people, so you can start first with 10 minutes and gradually increase them when you feel you want to do more. For others to achieve a 30-minute exercise within the day, they divide 30 minutes into 2 or 3 sessions – 10 minutes in the morning and another in the afternoon and evening. For 15 minutes, you can do two sessions each day.


5 Ways To Prevent Heart Disease

Posted on December 27, 2017
Category: heart

Have you ever tried to lose someone with a heart disease? Do you have a sick relative who is suffering a heart disease? Are you a concerned individual who wants to raise an alert to people regarding heart disease? Or you just want to prevent a heart disease for yourself and want to live a healthy lifestyle. Then this article is perfect for you to read on.

Having a heart disease is very crucial. So here are some ways to prevent it.

Do Not Smoke

If you want to start a healthy living and practice smoking, then you need to stop smoking. Smoking is very crucial to health not only that it can cause heart disease, but it can also affect other organs of your body. The chemicals in the cigarette will cause atherosclerosis, which is very dangerous to your blood circulation. It can be difficult to quit smoking immediately, making it difficult or impossible to think about totally quitting. You start by learning the things that trigger your habit of smoking. When you find this out, you will be aware, and you will be able to avoid it as soon as you are about to take smoke.
Keep in mind that when you undergo a therapy of quitting smoke, the first few days are the toughest. How long it will be that difficult depends on the resilience of the person wanting to quit smoking.

Exercise Daily

A healthy lifestyle includes daily exercise. Exercising daily will help you prevent heart disease in many ways, like how it lowers your blood pressure and reducing the strain on your heart or how it improves your blood circulation by preventing blood clots, which causes heart attacks.
It is recommended that you engage in an exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. If you can’t do 30 minutes right away, break them down into 15-min or 10-minute exercise. You can have one 15 minute exercise in the morning and another 15 minutes in the afternoon. For 10 minutes, it will be up to you when you are going to do it. Make sure you commit to a 30-minute exercise daily as this will keep your heart healthy.

Eating The Right Foods

The food you intake could affect your system. If you want to prevent heart disease, start it by changing your diet, into a healthy diet. Monitor and limit the foods which are risky and could risk your health. Like added sugars- it will raise the glucose in your blood and will stimulate the production of your insulin. Begin to eat foods like salmon, citrus fruits, potatoes, blueberries and more that could prevent heart risks.

Be Stress-Free

A stress brings bad effects in your body, not only limit to heart diseases, but you will be vulnerable to other illnesses and diseases when you have a stress. Stress is not good for your heart as it will raise your blood pressure, making it high and risky, and releases an unnecessary adrenaline, which also makes your blood pressure rise.

Have A Regular Check- Up

If you are a health-concerned person, then having a regular checkup is a must. Checkups are necessary not only to concerned health individuals because it will screen every individual to know if you are having the risk of having some diseases or a heart disease and will help you prevent before it graves the symptoms. Remember that prevention is always better, and being ready always is essential for your health.

Many people lost their lives because of heart disease. It is better to raise an alert and prevent it before you suffer and regret things. Every individual should start to have a healthy living. Heart risks and diseases are very crucial, and so better not to ignore it. If you are having symptoms, do not hesitate to visit your doctor. Life cannot be bought by money, learn the methods and start practicing it. Health is wealth, my dear readers.

Laughter, talks, and whispers- these are what we usually do whenever we are with our family and friends. We tend to burst out laughing at the funny moments we share together. Kidding and joking all the way and talking like there’s no tomorrow. Hide the gossip through whispers. But are you that confident if you have foul breath? For sure your friends will leave you alone, avoid you whenever you try to talk and fit into their conversation; and it could be that you are the content of their gossips. I know you don’t want to allow that to happen. Having a foul breath wouldn’t mean the end of the world to you or the end of your social life. There are many different ways to lessen your bad breath at least. Other cases are incurable, but dentists are there to help you.

Here are 5 Do-It-Now Practices to Reduce the Risk of Foul Breath

No smoking. Tobacco products can cause mouth odor and increase the chances of having oral diseases such as tooth loss, oral cancer, periodontitis, and leukoplakia, among others. Smoking can also stain your teeth and reduces your food taste. Stopping smoking can reduce the risk of having gum disease and foul breath. Habitual smokers may find it very difficult to quit right away, so it is best that you find a program that will help lead you to quit smoking altogether completely. Try a new hobby, never giving in to cravings, or know the triggers that make you want to smoke, and avoid them early on.

Eating habits. Food selection can be a great factor in developing an oral smell. Foods like spices, onions, and garlic contain pungent oils. When these oils are carried to the lungs and goes out to the mouth as the breathing process happens, a foul smell will eventually occur. Strong- smelling drinks like coffee and alcoholic beverages can also cause bad breath. What you need to do here is find out which foods can cause bad breath. As much as possible you need to avoid them, but it can be impossible at times, especially when you are invited to a party. You can’t just tell people you can’t eat the food they’ve prepared. Some foods, no matter how they can make your breath bad, are needed for supplying nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to the body.


Mouth washing. Opposite to what most people believe that mouthwash can take away the foul smell, it only does temporarily. Without brushing your teeth, it won’t do anything especially if you will not make it a habit. Bacteria will accumulate from bits of food length in the mouth between teeth. Sulfur compounds from these bacteria make the breath smell. This doesn’t mean to say that mouthwash can’t help at all. All you need to do is find your ideal mouthwash by considering what you want from it and the benefits you are looking for. Some mouthwash products are designed to freshen breath, while the others are for strengthening the tooth enamel using fluoride supplementation.

Teeth are brushing. No matter how long you are brushing your teeth, if you don’t have the discipline always to do it, you will not prevent your mouth from foul breath. Always remember to include your mouth as well since it is an accessory organ in chewing food. Therefore many tiny pieces of food are stocked there.

Crash diets. Fasting or low- carbohydrates diet is another possible reason for having a bad mouth smell. Chemicals like ketones will be produced by the body after breaking down fats. This can be smelled on your breath.

You always have a choice, to have proper oral hygiene or not to. Now that you have the idea of some practices that you can do to avoid the high risk of having a foul smell, it would be your choice now to take it and do it, or to remain the habit of ignoring your mouth and just eat and eat without cleaning it. No one is to be blamed but you. Start it as early as now, eat healthy, live healthy, and be productive. No one can beat your smile without that foul smell.

5 Ways to Save Your Heart

Posted on December 12, 2017
Category: heart

Do you wonder why your heart health says a lot about your lifestyle?
Heart disease has been a leading death cause for years, and unfortunately, there has not been any improvement on this fact. This disease is linked to many factors, both that can and cannot be modified. The former involves lifestyle changes while the latter is a matter of genetics. However, you are always a decision away from a healthy heart hence it is important to know how to prevent heart disease.
It all begins with your choice of food. Nutrition plays a significant role in heart disease prevention as most diseases are caused by high levels of cholesterol or sugar. A healthy heart can be maintained by diets that are comprised of raw fruits and green leafy vegetables, whole grains, and food that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Choose “healthy fat” that is found in herbs, nuts, and olive oil. Avoid red meat as much as possible and opt for steamed fish instead.

As these food improve your heart, some substances cause its harm such sugar and salt in high amounts, and alcohol. Simply put, anything you take is either beneficial or detrimental.

Watch your weight. You can best maintain a normal blood pressure by exercising regularly or by at least getting 30 minutes of exercise daily. By exercise, it does not require intense routines but just the idea of being active to keep the heart pumping while sweating out toxins and substances in excess. A 30-minute exercise can be difficult for those that are not used to engaging in physical activity for that long. If this is your situation, you can do it this way – divide it by two or three separate times when you do your exercise. You can have 15 minutes in the morning and another 15 minutes in the evening. You can also break it down into 10 minutes every exercise, as long as you can reach 30 minutes worth of exercise each day.

Do not be diabetic! Diabetes is a known serious cause for heart disease. If it is not managed or untreated, it can lead to artery obstruction, stroke, and kidney complications. Sugar is after all not that sweet once there’s too much of it in your bloodstream, so minimize indulging in desserts and check your genetics- diabetes can be hereditary and may show signs at an early age. It is not only sweets that you’ll get diabetic. It is also with overeating – eating foods beyond the needed amount that your body needs. When your body has already received its needed nutrients, minerals, vitamins, calories, etc., for the day and there are excess, they are converted into sugar and are stored in your body. This can be avoided by only eating the needed portion of food required for the body within the day. If you want to know how you can plan your meal that it doesn’t affect your blood sugar levels, ask a nutritionist to make a plan for you. They are professionals that know the proper amounts and the ones that you should avoid.

Keep your blood pressure normal. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is the main cause of heart disease. It is often attributed to a poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, alcohol addiction, and stress. It is best to have your blood pressure regularly monitored to note any spikes that are indicative of possible heart disease.

Manage stress, or at least know how to. There might not be a direct link to stress and your heart, but the increase of adrenaline hormone causes rapid heart rate and breathing patterns leading to an increase in blood pressure. When undergoing chronic stress, you tend to breathe less, and this leads to a poor flow of oxygen through your bloodstream and eventually, a weak supply towards your heart. Learn to manage stress or rest if you know you must.

Knowing how to prevent heart disease means knowing how to live longer. As life offers harmful indulgences, it also demands unhealthy coping mechanisms, and that is why there are those who don’t live long. Fortunately, we can exempt ourselves from any disease. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of a cure.

3 Ways to Avoid Infectious Disease

Posted on December 6, 2017
Category: Infectious Disease

Infectious diseases are abnormalities in our body that are caused by microbes, germs, and other viruses. This can be the result of an unclean environment or an unhealthy lifestyle. Infectious diseases can be contagious or not. It can be in the form of skin disease or other disorder of our organs and body system. No one wants to get these infectious diseases because this can greatly affect our lives from the way we work, the manner we interact with people, and this can also affect our self-esteem. What are the ways to get rid of these diseases? The following are some of the many ways on how to be infectious-disease free.

Live in a clean environment – viruses and bacteria are always present in a dirty surrounding, and our daily exposure to this kind of place will only mean that we will catch an infectious disease. Thinking the other way, a clean environment is somewhere that these microbes and germs do not belong too. Without this main cause of disease, one will not need to worry about acquiring one of these sicknesses. As much as possible, clean your surroundings; garbage must regularly be collected so that flies and other insects will not transfer the germs from it to our food and other personal stuff. Cleanliness is not only limited to the environment – when you eat your food, make sure you wash your hands first even if you are not going to eat barehanded. There have been a lot of cases in which people are too careless with not washing their hands before meals, and they end up using their hands while picking up on some food unknowingly. As much as possible, keep yourself in check whenever you eat your meals. You don’t know what kind of virus or bacteria you’ve just fed yourself with.

Have a healthy lifestyle – eating nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals will strengthen our immune system. This means that we will not easily catch these infectious diseases. It’s like having a body armor that keeps us safe from these harmful elements. Having a healthy lifestyle also includes exercising regularly and getting rid of vices on which we can get these bacteria and viruses. Also, make sure that you educate yourself what a healthy lifestyle is. Aside from a daily 30-minute exercise, learn how to make your meals as healthily balanced at all times. They must be varied so that your body will get the right nutrients it needs you can ask a registered nutritionist to guide you on what a healthy balanced meal is like. They can provide you the right portion, the food that you can eat and the ones you should limit or avoid.

Consulting health professionals at least twice a year – even if we don’t feel any disorder in our body, we should make it a habit to visit our doctor at least twice a year. Their health advice can greatly help us to remain fit not only physically but also in other aspects of our lives. The knowledge they know about the infectious disease will make us completely aware of the different instances in which we can get this sickness. Also, when we already acquired this disease, the facts, data, and information we get from them will help us to recover immediately and avoid serious problems in the future.

Said ways are only a few of the many ways to combat infectious disease, but if everyone follows it, surely no one will suffer from these ailments. We don’t want these sicknesses to affect our daily lives, our daily work. More importantly, we don’t want these diseases to define us and limit the things we can do. The key to a healthy life always starts in us, being health-conscious; having self-discipline plays a significant role on being fit. Nowadays there are a lot of newly discovered bacteria, and viruses and the risk of our exposure to it are very high that’s why we should double our care and be more vigilant as we go on with our lives.

A dog is considered as the man’s best friend. Waking up for a morning jog, barking upon feeding, training some tricks, and much more- these are the usual routine of a dog with his master. But do all pet owners consider their dog as a very special buddy? Do they consider their dogs like humans that could feel hungry and thirsty? As the pet owner, it is your responsibility to put into considerations certain things like the food of your pet dog. This is to make sure that your pet is healthy. The food directly enters the stomach of your pet and gets digested. Whatever happens inside would greatly affect the entire system of your pet’s body.

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider “Food Allergy” In Feeding Your Pet Dog

Food is the third most common reason of dog allergies aside from flea bites and inhalant allergies. This is also one of the possible reasons of your dog’s sudden death when not given importance.

Food allergy contributes 20% of your dog’s itching and scratching. The itchiness can affect the ears, face, feet, and even areas around the anus. Symptoms also include hair loss and ear infections.

Whenever the food is eaten, the over-responsiveness of your pet’s immune system becomes greater. Other instances would lead to malnutrition and can affect the absorption of nutrients.

Various theories state that gastroenteritis in puppies can lead to the development of food allergies. The immune system will further mistakenly believe that a certain food is harmful to the body.

Most ingredients or foods that can cause allergies are the pork, chicken, fish, beef, rabbit, egg, and lamb, also includes dairy products.

These are just five of the easy things that you can do to take good care of your pet dog. Above all else, you should visit your veterinarian to guide your pet’s growth properly and to maintain its good health. Our pets are considered as another member of our family. Whatever will happen to them, we will have the same feeling as to if something will happen to our relatives. They’re also our responsibility. We should take care of them and wholeheartedly provide what they need. They’re every man’s best friend, so let us be every dog’s best buddies, too!

It does sound like choosing the right food to feed your dog is a complex one. Pet owners automatically buy dog food products already made by companies, since this is the easiest and most convenient way to think that you are feeding food to your dog that doesn’t cause them any allergy.

The first thing to do is to prioritize their nutritional needs. This is one of the biggest factors in quality and longevity of life. Also, not all delicious or best tasting food is nutritious for your dog. Such foods are usually sold for the satisfaction of emotional needs of a human more so than the dog. The best source of information on what kind of food your dog should eat is the vet, not the salesman that is trying to sell you dog food from their company.

When you choose a commercial dog food, you must do so carefully. Since most people do not have the time to properly prep an organic chicken, it is much more sensible to find a high-quality dog food that is preserved with natural preservatives such as the vitamin E.

Age Better

How to Age Better

Posted on November 26, 2017
Category: Age

Is it even possible to keep yourself healthy as you grow older? It is normal for people to think that as they grow old, they will get even more sickly. However, there is at least one time in your life when you met a healthy senior, even at the age of 80. You can’t even help but think that you want to be like them, too.
Don’t fret. With the following tips below, you have a better chance of growing old healthily if you maintain practicing them.
Watch your diet
It always begins with diet, right? It is the most obvious thing to do, but then you always fail to commit to this. You don’t need to beat yourself as there is a way to do this without punishing yourself.
A balanced diet is what doctors will tell you, but it can be confusing since you have no idea what balanced diet is. The ideal balanced diet should be composed of low saturated fat, with more of wholegrain, vegetables, fruits, oily fish with small amounts of lean meat and low-fat dairy.
You should not also forget with topping this up with a lot of water to prevent dehydration, which makes you confused and tired. Fruit juice, coffee, and tea will also help keep your body dehydrated, but as much as possible, avoid sugary and fizzy drinks.
As much as possible, don’t drink alcohol. However, if you are a habitual drinker, start by keeping two days off per week without booze to keep your liver enough time to recover from the toxicity of alcohol. Make sure you also don’t exceed the recommended limits daily when consuming alcohol.
Take care of your teeth
Brushing your teeth twice a day is enough. It is highly recommended to do so in every 12 hours. You should also floss daily as your brush is not enough to take out the debris that is trapped in between your teeth. Floss will also help prevent gum diseases, too.
So what happens when you leave your teeth without flossing? You will notice bleeding or sore gums. Some gum diseases are often linked to strokes, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease.
Make sure that you don’t miss your regular check up and if you are wearing dentures or a bridge, make sure to ask your dentist if they are fitted properly.
Keep yourself active
This means engaging in daily exercises to keep you healthy and strong. This will lower the risk of obesity, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. What’s more, staying active can improve sleep, self-esteem and even give your body more energy.
Based on government guidelines, the recommended exercise that you should take is at least 150 minutes of moderate movement each week, which also includes strengthening exercises. This may sound a lot especially if you are not used to exercising, but start with few minutes such as 5 minutes in the morning and another 5 in the afternoon. Add up if you think your body can already handle intense exercises for longer minutes.
Get that vitamin boost
A lot of people have a deficiency in vitamin C, and they are not even aware of it. It is even estimated that it affects at least half of the adult population. Lack of vitamin D is associated with bone problems, cognitive impairment, and even cardiovascular disease.
Try going outside and bask in the sunshine for at least 20 minutes per day to get that boost in vitamin D. You can also acquire vitamin D from food such as oily fish and eggs. You can also ask your doctor to get some vitamin D supplement.


Posted on November 22, 2017

Respiratory problems have been one of the leading causes of death in the world. There are a lot of simple symptoms that sometimes most people tend to ignore yet unexpectedly, it slowly harms other organs especially the and continually spreading through the body. Admit it. We care less until we have it. Do we still need to get damaged before consulting a doctor and seek for proper medications? If not now, when? Prevention can be done as early as now.

Here Are 5 Tips On How To Have Good Lung Conditions.

No to smoking

Smoking is the primary factor that can cause lung problems. It’s burning the lungs inside and as the time goes by, slowly and darken the color of your lungs. Imagine a meat placed on fire! Leave for so many hours, what will happen next? You will never recognize it as meat. You want that to happen? No, you won’t.

No to smokers

More people are also not into smoking, yet they could still get lung infections or diseases. Why is that happening? Well, it could be second-hand smoke. People who are smoking can contribute lung problems to the person sitting next to him. The smoke from a smoker could be inhaled by a non-smoker. The smoke gets attached to the clothes and could be inhaled by another person, unconsciously. Thus, if you smoke, quit. If you don’t, never start and never go close to a person smoking.

Wear a safety mask

Once you go out from your house, especially if you can surely get into trouble with traffic and smoke belching, make sure to wear a safety mask as prevention to direct inhalation of these free smoke.

Consult a doctor

Anything can happen at a time we do not know. So if you get a simple cough or colds, go and see a doctor as soon as possible to get a proper medication and to prevent further complications.

Go for a healthy lifestyle

Making your immune system strong enough to prevent any disease would be the best that you can do. Always have a well-balanced diet and exercise to keep your body ready for anything that might happen. Drink plenty of fluids like water and get enough rest for your cells to regenerate healthier.

There are other ways that you can keep your lungs healthy. Have you tried a simple deep breathing? It can help your body get closer to the fullest capacity of each lung. You do this by inhaling slowly, and you consciously expand the belly, being aware when you lower your diaphragm. Right after this, exhale completely as much as possible by letting the chest fall flat, which contracts the ribs and lastly, bringing the muscles of the stomach in then up to lifting the diaphragm. This, in turn, will expel every last bit of air from within.

You can also count your breath, too. Not only will this keep your lungs healthy, but it will also help keep your whole body relaxed as well. This will aid in increasing the lung’s capacity. You do this by increasing your exhalations and inhalations. You start counting on long your natural breaths will take. If it takes five counts to inhale, it should also take five counts to exhale. You want them to be equal. Once you have learned the average count of your breath, you add one more every exhale and inhale until you feel comfortable with extending the length of time that it takes for you to fill then empty the lungs.

Once you start, make it a discipline. Never quit on aiming for healthy living. Better to be in pain while preventing, than be in pain as you struggle to get healed. Always remember, prevention is better than cure. There is always pain before you gain. Never ignore the “what ifs” of life regarding health. Remember, you will only pay lesser compared to your pay when you wish to be well from a disease. So if you wish to maintain a good lung condition, follow the five tips mentioned and get a free ticket to live life to the fullest. You only live once. Why not make every single part of it a memorable one?

5 Ways to Fight Depression

Posted on November 14, 2017
Category: Depression

People as we are, different challenges, issues, and conflicts come our way that causes depression. This, if not properly handled can lead to one taking his/her own life. But we do not want that to happen, and the following are ways to go through successfully over depression.

  1. Surround yourself with people you love – knowing that there are people who care for you will save you from harmful effects of depression. These people will lift your spirit and will do what they can to put a smile on your face and not focus on your problems causing your depressions. Through this, you will not know that you are not alone and that there is somebody else that is fighting for you. Furthermore, these people can give you advice on how to go through your depression. Do make sure that these people are the ones that not only you love, but also those that are willing to spend time listening to you.


  1. Seek the advice of professionals– Professionals like guidance counselors are of very great help in managing depression. Their expertise on the therapy or session you could undergo will help you go through your depression. You should need to be open to them and be honest. These professionals will be able to understand what you are going through and work their way for erasing all your depressions. They have experienced on different cases of depression and knew which method will provide a better result. You can also approach psychologists, as they know the necessary steps you need to do so that you can get over your depression. Depending on your situation, they will refer you to a therapist that will oversee your progress and make sure that you are not slipping back to your depression state.

  1. Have a break from your daily routine– Sometimes all you need is just a vacation. You can go with your family and friends for an out-of-town trip, a couple of days on the beach. Or if you prefer alone and go to a place where no one knows you that will be very helpful. Releasing all your tensions to the environment can be done if you free yourself for some time from your daily work or some personal issues. By doing this, you can also meditate ad self-introspect wherein you will be able to find out what causes your unhappiness. You can provide solutions for yourself because as we say, sometimes the advice we give to others is also the best advice we can use for ourselves.
  1. Focus on the brighter side– Being negative makes your problem a lot worse, causing more depression. But, I tell you that if we don’t start thinking that there is no hope and instead focus, gather ourselves and think of solutions to our problems, we will realize that it’s not that difficult to surpass our depression. We say that it’s all in the state of mind and we are what we think we are. Sometimes we give up easily, and we do not believe in ourselves. We always think that it’s over for us that’s why depression comes our way, but when we stay positive, we only give depression a little if no room in our lives.
  1. Don’t forget you have a big God – Sometimes we only rely on our abilities to surpass different challenges in our lives. We tend to say that we do everything and we just ended miserable, unhappy and depressed. But no one can say that he/she did everything he could until he called and sought help to the almighty one. Our problems may be big, but our God is way bigger than our problems. Pray and pour out all your pain, sorrows and issues to the Lord and He will show you the way.

There are also natural ways that will help you get over your depression. One of them is setting goals. If you haven’t set a goal yet, there is a high chance that you feel so bad about yourself because you weren’t able to achieve the things that you want. Whenever you are depressed, you feel that you can’t accomplish anything at all, thus making you feel much worse about yourself. What you need to do is to create daily goals that you can achieve for yourself. Make sure that they are doable and that you can reach within the day. You can also set for a goal that you can achieve in days. You start small so as not to feel too overwhelmed by the task.

By following the suggested steps to fight depression, one will come out victorious over the different problems that life will throw at you. We should help ourselves overcome depression.

healthier back

Six tips for a healthier back

Posted on November 6, 2017
Category: healthier back

Back pain and problems are some of the most common health issues around. If there is a problem with your back, you could suffer from migraines, sleeplessness and other sorts of health issues. So since your back plays such an important role in your overall physical health, you have got to learn how to care for it.

Caring for your back and spine health is a bit more difficult in today’s brisk and fast-paced world. But there are a few things that you can do at work and at home to achieve a healthier back and spine. Here are some tips that you can try and follow.

  1. Use an ergonomic work setting

Examine your work environment and determine what sorts of changes that you can make to turn it to a more ergonomic setting. You could switch out the chair that you are using so that it is more comfortable to sit on. Or you could even switch out your desk for a standing one, which can be better for your back if you use it more often.

  1. Exercise carefully

If you are someone who does a lot of heavy exercises, make sure to do it carefully or lightly. For example, you may end up injuring yourself if you lift a weight that is too much for you. This applies to all sorts of exercises such as boxing, dancing, etc. It would be a good idea to do some stretching exercises to loosen up your muscles right before you exercise.

  1. Maintain proper sitting posture

Not sitting right on a chair can also lead to extensive back problems in the future. You may want to try and maintain the proper posture for sitting. This means keeping both feet firmly on the ground, and then evenly distributing your weight on your buttocks while on the seat. You should also straighten out your back and sit in a more upright position. Your neck should also be straight and look directly at whatever you are focusing on the table.

  1. Adjust your driver’s seat

You also probably spend a lot of time in the driver’s seat of your car. And if it is not adjusted correctly, you could end up with all sorts of back problems. Try to make sure that the car seat that you are regularly sitting on is adjusted to fit your body. The distance of the car seat from the pedals must be adequate so that you do not have to stretch your feet out. And the height and inclination of the driver’s seat must also be adjusted so that it is comfortable.

  1. Sit correctly when using mobile devices

People spend a lot of time texting and using their mobile devices. And that can lead to back issues as people are more likely to end up hunching over their phones while they are texting. This means that constant sitting like that while using a mobile device can lead to health problems in the future. You could eliminate any issues with your back problems if you just sit correctly while texting. Try to sit upright and hold the phone or mobile device level with your face, so that you do not end up hunched over it.

  1. Keep active

Doing a bit of regular exercise can go a long way in improving the health of your spine and back. Simple exercise such as doing a brisk walk or a light job is perfect for strengthening the muscles in your lower back. You could even consider doing a bit of housework if you want to improve the health of your back. For example, if you mop or sweep the floor, you are exercising your back muscles. And that can help you maintain a strong and healthy back!

Doctor examining his patients wrist

4 Spiced Up Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

Posted on October 31, 2017
Category: Heart Disease

When it comes to heart disease prevention, there are tons of advice saying that exercise, healthy diet, and stress management are the basic ways. However, doing them regularly can become dull and boring. If your health plan is not enjoyable anymore, most likely, regression happens. It is possible that you will return to your old ways before dieting and exercise because you find your health routine tiresome or unexciting. The following ways are the usual, but we are upgrading them so that your plan to (how to) prevent heart disease will stimulate you for a long time.
1. Dance to exercise
Think of exercise as any form of movement. You can walk around, run a mile, do household chores or push some heavy equipment. Now, if any form of movement is good as an exercise than, dancing is enough to burn all those calories. You can modify your exercise routine and make it more dance. How about doing some Zumba, belly dancing, or hip-hop exercise to keep your heart healthy? Healthline.com says that the American Heart Association recommends thirty minutes of daily exercise will help prevent heart disease. You can even break them to sets of 10 minutes within your schedule. As long as you move or dance, you are helping your heart. If you can upgrade you’re 10-minute exercise, you can add another 10 minutes and another 10, which totals 30 minutes. You don’t have to do 30 minutes at once. You can do a 10-minute dance in the morning, another in the afternoon and one for the evening. This will keep your heart happy.
2. Flavorful eating plan
Experts constantly advise on eating your vegetables and fruits to be healthy. However, eating the greens all day can become traumatic (even for adults). So, how can you stick to your diet while having fun? Include all the tastes to your program. If you want some sweetness, use honey. If you want some saltiness, add a pinch of sea salt to your meal. If you want chocolate, go for 70% dark or use the dark chocolate chip to your mix. If you want dessert, choose fresh fruits or unsweetened dried fruits in your dessert recipe. If you want a salad, add sliced fresh fruits, nuts, and sea salt to it. Make your meals colorful and flavorful so that, eating healthy will be fun and motivating for you.

While this can add fun to your every meal, moderation is key. The reason why some people fail at their diet is that they think more will make it better. Make sure that you have a sound diet plan that will help your body consume the essential minerals and vitamins it needs. The most effective way to plan a healthy and balanced diet, especially one that prevents heart disease is by letting a nutritionist plan the meal for you. Unlike the diet plan that many diet programs tend to promote, you still get to eat delicious, flavorful meals, but this time they are to be eaten in portions.
3. De-stress through making your hobby fun
In Psychology, one of the defense mechanisms is sublimation. Sublimation is letting loose your negative emotions in a creative way. So, if you’re stressed, aside from the usual breathing exercises (which are still highly recommended), relieve it by listening to a variety of music, making a scrapbook journal, writing your thoughts using different colors, painting using any style or design you like, or playing an instrument with any melody or arrangement you want. You can think of different strategies to make your hobby more exciting for you. This way, you forget your stress because you are already enjoying an activity you like. The key here is something that will keep you happy while you are doing something.
4. Zest your water
Drinking glasses of water every day is one of the best ways to detoxify. However, there are times when we just like to skip the water because it does not have any taste. Thus, we opt for juices, coffee, or smoothies even if these beverages provide high calories because of artificial flavors or caloric ingredients. However, thanks to nature, you can add zest to your water. Detoxify by adding sliced lemon, cucumber, and oranges to your water. Cleansing your body by drinking water with slices of citrus ingredients will surely keep your body healthy and help prevent heart disease.
Some people find it better to drink lukewarm water than cold water if they are drinking for therapy. It can be difficult to drink down cold water when you are no longer thirsty, which is why lukewarm water is easy to swallow.

Having a health plan is good for your body. However, sticking to it can be grueling sometimes because we forget to add fun to it. Keep yourself motivated and follow these ways on (how to) prevent heart diseases. Be creative to keep yourself healthy.

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