Laughter, talks, and whispers- these are what we usually do whenever we are with our family and friends. We tend to burst out laughing at the funny moments we share together. Kidding and joking all the way and talking like there’s no tomorrow. Hide the gossip through whispers. But are you that confident if you have foul breath? For sure your friends will leave you alone, avoid you whenever you try to talk and fit into their conversation; and it could be that you are the content of their gossips. I know you don’t want to allow that to happen. Having a foul breath wouldn’t mean the end of the world to you or the end of your social life. There are many different ways to lessen your bad breath at least. Other cases are incurable, but dentists are there to help you.


Here are 5 Do-It-Now Practices to Reduce the Risk of Foul Breath

No smoking. Tobacco products can cause mouth odor and increase the chances of having oral diseases such as tooth loss, oral cancer, periodontitis, and leukoplakia, among others. Smoking can also stain your teeth and reduces your food taste. Stopping smoking can reduce the risk of having gum disease and foul breath. Habitual smokers may find it very difficult to quit right away, so it is best that you find a program that will help lead you to quit smoking altogether completely. Try a new hobby, never giving in to cravings, or know the triggers that make you want to smoke, and avoid them early on.


Eating habits. Food selection can be a great factor in developing an oral smell. Foods like spices, onions, and garlic contain pungent oils. When these oils are carried to the lungs and goes out to the mouth as the breathing process happens, a foul smell will eventually occur. Strong- smelling drinks like coffee and alcoholic beverages can also cause bad breath. What you need to do here is find out which foods can cause bad breath. As much as possible you need to avoid them, but it can be impossible at times, especially when you are invited to a party. You can’t just tell people you can’t eat the food they’ve prepared. Some foods, no matter how they can make your breath bad, are needed for supplying nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to the body.


Mouth washing. Opposite to what most people believe that mouthwash can take away the foul smell, it only does temporarily. Without brushing your teeth, it won’t do anything especially if you will not make it a habit. Bacteria will accumulate from bits of food length in the mouth between teeth. Sulfur compounds from these bacteria make the breath smell. This doesn’t mean to say that mouthwash can’t help at all. All you need to do is find your ideal mouthwash by considering what you want from it and the benefits you are looking for. Some mouthwash products are designed to freshen breath, while the others are for strengthening the tooth enamel using fluoride supplementation.


Teeth are brushing. No matter how long you are brushing your teeth, if you don’t have the discipline always to do it, you will not prevent your mouth from foul breath. Always remember to include your mouth as well since it is an accessory organ in chewing food. Therefore many tiny pieces of food are stocked there.


Crash diets. Fasting or low- carbohydrates diet is another possible reason for having a bad mouth smell. Chemicals like ketones will be produced by the body after breaking down fats. This can be smelled on your breath.


You always have a choice, to have proper oral hygiene or not to. Now that you have the idea of some practices that you can do to avoid the high risk of having a foul smell, it would be your choice now to take it and do it, or to remain the habit of ignoring your mouth and just eat and eat without cleaning it. No one is to be blamed but you. Start it as early as now, eat healthy, live healthy, and be productive. No one can beat your smile without that foul smell.

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