3 Ways to Avoid Infectious Disease

Infectious diseases are abnormalities in our body that are caused by microbes, germs, and other viruses. This can be the result of an unclean environment or an unhealthy lifestyle. Infectious diseases can be contagious or not. It can be in the form of skin disease or other disorder of our organs and body system. No one wants to get these infectious diseases because this can greatly affect our lives from the way we work, the manner we interact with people, and this can also affect our self-esteem. What are the ways to get rid of these diseases? The following are some of the many ways on how to be infectious-disease free.

Live in a clean environment – viruses and bacteria are always present in a dirty surrounding, and our daily exposure to this kind of place will only mean that we will catch an infectious disease. Thinking the other way, a clean environment is somewhere that these microbes and germs do not belong too. Without this main cause of disease, one will not need to worry about acquiring one of these sicknesses. As much as possible, clean your surroundings; garbage must regularly be collected so that flies and other insects will not transfer the germs from it to our food and other personal stuff. Cleanliness is not only limited to the environment – when you eat your food, make sure you wash your hands first even if you are not going to eat barehanded. There have been a lot of cases in which people are too careless with not washing their hands before meals, and they end up using their hands while picking up on some food unknowingly. As much as possible, keep yourself in check whenever you eat your meals. You don’t know what kind of virus or bacteria you’ve just fed yourself with.


Have a healthy lifestyle – eating nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals will strengthen our immune system. This means that we will not easily catch these infectious diseases. It’s like having a body armor that keeps us safe from these harmful elements. Having a healthy lifestyle also includes exercising regularly and getting rid of vices on which we can get these bacteria and viruses. Also, make sure that you educate yourself what a healthy lifestyle is. Aside from a daily 30-minute exercise, learn how to make your meals as healthily balanced at all times. They must be varied so that your body will get the right nutrients it needs you can ask a registered nutritionist to guide you on what a healthy balanced meal is like. They can provide you the right portion, the food that you can eat and the ones you should limit or avoid.


Consulting health professionals at least twice a year – even if we don’t feel any disorder in our body, we should make it a habit to visit our doctor at least twice a year. Their health advice can greatly help us to remain fit not only physically but also in other aspects of our lives. The knowledge they know about the infectious disease will make us completely aware of the different instances in which we can get this sickness. Also, when we already acquired this disease, the facts, data, and information we get from them will help us to recover immediately and avoid serious problems in the future.


Said ways are only a few of the many ways to combat infectious disease, but if everyone follows it, surely no one will suffer from these ailments. We don’t want these sicknesses to affect our daily lives, our daily work. More importantly, we don’t want these diseases to define us and limit the things we can do. The key to a healthy life always starts in us, being health-conscious; having self-discipline plays a significant role on being fit. Nowadays there are a lot of newly discovered bacteria, and viruses and the risk of our exposure to it are very high that’s why we should double our care and be more vigilant as we go on with our lives.