Six tips for a healthier back

healthier back

Back pain and problems are some of the most common health issues around. If there is a problem with your back, you could suffer from migraines, sleeplessness and other sorts of health issues. So since your back plays such an important role in your overall physical health, you have got to learn how to care for it.

Caring for your back and spine health is a bit more difficult in today’s brisk and fast-paced world. But there are a few things that you can do at work and at home to achieve a healthier back and spine. Here are some tips that you can try and follow.

  1. Use an ergonomic work setting

Examine your work environment and determine what sorts of changes that you can make to turn it to a more ergonomic setting. You could switch out the chair that you are using so that it is more comfortable to sit on. Or you could even switch out your desk for a standing one, which can be better for your back if you use it more often.

  1. Exercise carefully

If you are someone who does a lot of heavy exercises, make sure to do it carefully or lightly. For example, you may end up injuring yourself if you lift a weight that is too much for you. This applies to all sorts of exercises such as boxing, dancing, etc. It would be a good idea to do some stretching exercises to loosen up your muscles right before you exercise.

  1. Maintain proper sitting posture

Not sitting right on a chair can also lead to extensive back problems in the future. You may want to try and maintain the proper posture for sitting. This means keeping both feet firmly on the ground, and then evenly distributing your weight on your buttocks while on the seat. You should also straighten out your back and sit in a more upright position. Your neck should also be straight and look directly at whatever you are focusing on the table.

  1. Adjust your driver’s seat

You also probably spend a lot of time in the driver’s seat of your car. And if it is not adjusted correctly, you could end up with all sorts of back problems. Try to make sure that the car seat that you are regularly sitting on is adjusted to fit your body. The distance of the car seat from the pedals must be adequate so that you do not have to stretch your feet out. And the height and inclination of the driver’s seat must also be adjusted so that it is comfortable.

  1. Sit correctly when using mobile devices

People spend a lot of time texting and using their mobile devices. And that can lead to back issues as people are more likely to end up hunching over their phones while they are texting. This means that constant sitting like that while using a mobile device can lead to health problems in the future. You could eliminate any issues with your back problems if you just sit correctly while texting. Try to sit upright and hold the phone or mobile device level with your face, so that you do not end up hunched over it.

  1. Keep active

Doing a bit of regular exercise can go a long way in improving the health of your spine and back. Simple exercise such as doing a brisk walk or a light job is perfect for strengthening the muscles in your lower back. You could even consider doing a bit of housework if you want to improve the health of your back. For example, if you mop or sweep the floor, you are exercising your back muscles. And that can help you maintain a strong and healthy back!

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